Asset Review Summary: Bifrost Finance

Bifrost is a cross-chain network which provides liquidity to staked assets in the form of staking derivatives.
The project operates on the Polkadot network, developed by Substrate. Bifrost Finance can be subject to competition from staking derivatives platforms (e.g. Kira Network) and decentralised projects that track PoS token baskets and offer wrapped products (e.g. StakerDAO).

Asset Review Summary: OIN Finance

OIN Finance is a DeFi project built on the Ontology network. It introduces a new stablecoin, USDO, pegged to the US Dollar on a 1:1 ratio. Additionally, it offers interoperability with other blockchains, being them Ethereum, on a first instance, and at later stages Polkadot and Cosmos. Users can lock ONT coins as collateral through the OIN-DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) and take loans by minting USDO. Minting USDO requires at least 300% over-collateralisation.