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What does D-Core do?

D-Core is a powerhouse for information about blockchain projects poised to disrupt traditional businesses. Through a proprietary system, we’ve created a world-wide network of experts that crowdsources research and rewards specialists for analysing start-ups. 

Our specialised network of researchers crowdsources, investigates, and analyses credible information to determine the financial potential of investing in individual blockchain projects. This information is then anonymised and verified by a diverse panel of seasoned investors and industry insiders to ensure its transparency and integrity. The result of this are financial reports, which contain all the information compiled by D-Core. These reports are then available on our website, accessible through a subscription. 

Is D-Core an investment fund?

No. Although our partner fund, the KMG Blockchain Fund, does invest in specific projects that we highlight, D-Core does not provide direct investment services. Premium users of D-Core, however, can access the specifics of the KMG blockchain investment portfolio (including their decisions and allocations) and our latest research.

Where are you based?

D-Core is incorporated in the U.K., with some of our team located in Cyprus. Our research is performed by approved specialists distributed across the globe. These researchers submit their answers to specific questions for review to our Quality Control team, and get rewarded based on the value of their contributions through the Steem blockchain. All answers are judged by a panel of experts, either remotely or in one of the D-Core offices in London and Cyprus.

How do I subscribe to D-Core?

To subscribe to D-Core’s free or Premium services, go to In there, you can choose between registering for a Free (which allows you to see some of D-Core’s reports and financial information) or a full membership, which gives you full access to our platform and can be paid monthly or annually. 

Pro tip: If billed annually, you’ll receive a 18% discount on your membership!

How much does it cost to purchase your services?

Our Pro membership is €799 a month, or €8,000, if paid annually. 

Can I cancel a subscription ahead of time?

Yes. You can always cancel your subscription for whatever reason. However, we are currently not able to provide reimbursements, so we encourage you to get in touch with us at [email protected] to voice your concerns if you have any.

How many reports do you create per month?

The number of reports D-Core produces per month fluctuates depending on the vibrancy of the market at that time, and the availability of projects that we find are research-worthy. 

With that being said, under ‘normal’ market conditions, we would typically produce around five to eight reports per month. We believe this figure provides enough flexibility for our research team to thoroughly examine projects without reaching a point of diminishing returns, maintaining our high standards of quality. We also reserve our right to select projects that we believe have the potential to disrupt the market and subsequently see significant upside in their valuations, and to determine which companies fit this criterion based on our judgement.

Is it possible to join your team as a Researcher?

We are always looking for new researchers! Our decentralised, merit-based system allows us to incorporate new experts continuously, so there’s always space for new talent.

To apply to become a D-Core researcher, go to There, you’ll be asked to fill out your personal information, and take a test. This test will help us direct you towards the field where your input and expertise are needed the most. Over time, and as you advance your career as a D-Core researcher, you’ll be able to apply to participate in more fields.

For more information, please review our “How to Become a Researcher” guide.

What factors do you take into account when researching projects?

We focus on the following categories:

  • Market & Product. 

We analyse the viability of a project based on its intended product and market fit. Projects that have a minimum viable product (MVP) with active users, therefore, have a higher chance of performing well in this regard, with crypto investors generally preferring them. 

We also analyse the market in which the team intends to launch the project. This includes looking for active competitors and differentiators, as well as the viability of launching within the projected timeframes. 

  • Team.

We look into the people working on transforming a project into a reality: Have they successfully launched tech products? If not, do they nonetheless have a background that shows potential? What have they done in their past? Do the advisors on a project’s website have a high profile and are actively involved in the development of the project? 

This step of our research is important in determining the direction of a blockchain project, since it helps us identify strengths, weaknesses, and past activity by team members that could determine a project’s success. 

  • Token Specifics.

We carefully review the specifics of each project’s intended token to see if it can be valuable and provide value to its projected ecosystem. To do this, we rely on our Venture Partner team, with experts from startup, technology, and finance backgrounds. 

  • Technology.

It goes without saying that the technology behind any DLT or blockchain project is absolutely fundamental to its success. If a project has available technology with a clear use case or existing users, we analyse its fundamental qualities and how it aims to impact its industry. If it doesn’t, we carefully review the plans for technological development that the project proposes, as well as the feasibility of them successfully launching these plans. 

We also break down the possibilities of successfully implementing new technologies in the chosen field, and the potential that they have to create a long-lasting impact.

  • Legal & Compliance.

Is a project launching within challenging legal contexts and jurisdiction? If so, why? Do they have a legal team that specialises in technology and innovation? Can they adapt to regulation changes, were they to happen? Our researchers look at questions of this character to determine if a team is prepared to comply with regulations, protecting their and their investors’ long-term interests. 

  • Tokenomics.

Every blockchain project involves the use of a token, sometimes referred to as a coin. These tokens vary widely in their purpose, and their value is determined by individual factors. Tokenomics is an umbrella term used to describe the factors surrounding a project’s use of its tokens, which can vary depending on the team’s intentions and purposes. As such, within this category we review the company’s intended business model, purpose of tokens, token value, and minting/issuing models, among other things. 

We are able to examine utility and security tokens, whether they are coming to market via an ICO, IEO, or STO.

  • Social, Virality and Community.

Retail investors and an online community are the driving force behind the fundraising round of a token sale. In such circumstances, marketing is a critical component of a successful launch and project development, and is therefore an aspect to take into account when investing in the competitive blockchain sphere.

Our marketing researchers analyse the social media network of a project to determine the size of their organic following, analyse their behaviour and communication, and assess their potential to grow and successfully multiply investors’ contributions. 

Do the projects you research participate in your process?

We notify projects about our wish to analyse them, and even reach out to them for commentary on certain aspects. We also encourage our investigators to reach out to company staff, which helps us gauge their responsiveness. However, we are careful as to avoid the possibility of having projects tailor their stories and marketing materials to fit our expectations to receive a positive review.

I have a blockchain/DLT project. Can D-Core review it?

We strive to be as comprehensive and objective as possible, and therefore cannot operate on requests. Instead, we decide on which projects to analyse solely based on recommendations by our network of experts and from the nomination system set in place for our researchers.