Signing Up.

To sign up:

  1. Head over to and click on the “Sign Up” button. Once you enter your email and create a password, you will need to confirm your address. Open your inbox to find an email with a link indicating we have the right one. This will send you to a page where you can add your CV, HIVE account, and agree to our Terms and Conditions. 
  2. Upload your latest CV. Please add some text at the bottom of your CV detailing why you believe you are well suited to be a D-CORE researcher. Disclose as much information as possible about you and your experience with the DLT industry, and tell us about your research capabilities.
  3. Make sure you have a HIVE account so you can receive the rewards for your hard work. Add in your details. As soon as you do this, please also sign our Terms and Conditions with your digital signature.If you do not have a HIVE account, head over to to create one. You can also add your account later from the ‘PROFILE’ tab.

Note: At any point in time, if you have any questions, you can use the “Support” button in your dashboard to contact us. 


Questions: Selecting your ideal Category.

You can choose to answer questions from every category, but please select only the ones in which you feel knowledgeable. There are six categories:

  1. Market & Product.
  2. Team Breakdown.
  3. Technology Specifics.
  4. Legal & Compliance.
  5. Tokenomics.
  6. ICO Specifics.
  7. Social & Virality.

To answer questions:

  1. Select the questions you feel the most knowledgeable in answering. You can also decide to answer all of them if you wish to.
  2. Now is your time to demonstrate your ability as a researcher. Make sure that you:
  • Clearly understand the question and what exactly it is asking of you.
  • Have provided a detailed, in-depth explanation. Keep in mind that the editorial team will take your answer and compile it into a singular answer alongside your fellow researchers. Your editor will NOT be researching the projects and will be using YOUR answer to create a summary and a report. 
  • Provide evidence, such as references on where you found the answer that you are giving us. If the Quality Assurance (QA) team does not find adequate information regarding your answer and proof, you will be rejected and won’t receive any rewards for that answer.
  • Screenshot any conversations with team members of the project you’re reviewing, and attach those screenshots as proof to your answers.
  • Clearly understand our number rating system. If you have questions about it, contact Support. 


Understanding the D-CORE Process

Before applying to become a researcher for D-CORE, it’s important that you understand our unique workflow and methodology. The D-CORE process can be summarized as follows:


Identifying projects.

We source projects by scanning the Internet with advanced search tools. We also have a nomination system within our platform, and we collect suggestions from our network of experts about which projects to review. Once we have a list of projects to analyze, each researcher is assigned specific questions based on their onboarding application. As a researcher, you will be able to see if there are any questions available for you to answer in your dashboard. 


Quality Assurance.

We pass every answer submitted by researchers to our Quality Assurance team. The job of the QA team is to make sure that the answers are correct and accurate. QA  will not be concerned with the specific content of your answer, as they may not know about the project being reviewed, but they will make sure that the information given is relevant to the questions answered and not off-topic. The Qa team will also compare and compile data submitted by other researchers, exploring disparities between responses.


Editorial team.

The answers that pass our Quality Assurance phase move forward to the Editorial team. This team compiles the answers for each question approved by the QA team. When done, they file a report, now ready for final approval by the Venture Partners.


Venture Partners (Expert Panel).

The Venture Partners represent the final stage for report reviewal. This Panel will either approve, reject, or request more information on a given project/report. Reports are then sent to designers and polished off to become our final product. They are then distributed among our community of users, completing their cycle. The KMG Blockchain Fund, among others, takes these reports seriously and considers the projects featured in them as investment options.


The KMG Blockchain Fund.

The KMG Blockchain Fund is a Venture Capital fund, investing in the findings of D-CORE research. A percentage from the success fees collected by the KMG Blockchain Fund will be distributed among our researchers upon successfully exiting an investment position.